Detroit Reboot

Client(s): Lowe Campbell Ewald

Role: Shooter, editor

Coming off the success of Lowe Campbell Ewald’s SXSWi bid, Lowe decided to commit their panel at Cannes Lions to the story of Detroit. Telling the story of Detroit is no easy matter though. The stories of crime and urban blight have been told again and again, but not the story of Detroit’s creativity. Over the course of a month, we interviewed a broad spectrum of about 30 creative individuals. But each person we interviewed had one thing in common: they were changing the city for the better. Each interview was cut into a short piece about that person and how they fit into the story of Detroit’s comeback. The video here is a trailer for the event held at Cannes, where the videos were shown. In total, we created 15 separate 2 to 5 minute videos.