Star Wars: The Fury of Maul

Client(s): IGN

Role: Editor, Motion Graphics

The original idea for this video was to play out a single scene of this fake Netflix series. After cutting a rough cut, I immediately realized that it wasn’t going to work. So I set to work deconstructing the entire piece and pace out each moment. I then broke apart each moment across the entire piece to make it seem larger than it originally was. Furthermore, I had the director shoot additional pick-up shots, such as the close-up of the Mandalorian firing a blaster, to enhance the feeling of this being part of a larger whole. A second challenge was our actor for Maul. Our original actor couldn’t make the dates we landed on, so we went with our second choice. I had to build up the suspense of seeing Maul, while not revealing the inadequacies of his make-up and costume. After the edit was done, I color graded the entire piece and created the art cards and ending logo animation.